One month has passed since the migrant accident in Gualaca, Chiriquí, where many lives were snuffed out in the midst of their search for new opportunities and dreams.

On March 15, at the Miraculous Medal Home, a Eucharist was celebrated in memory of the victims, for their rest, for the relatives who have survived them and for the recovery of the health of the convalescents. Members of the the CLAMOR Network, volunteers, officials of the National Immigration Service, relatives of the victims and survivors of the accident. The celebration was presided over by Fray Manuel Pineda, OFM.

The Miraculous Medal Home currently cares for 37 people, mainly from Haiti, Ecuador and Venezuela, and with the support of the migration service, actions are coordinated for the benefit of migrants, in addition to coordinating the entry of convalescents into the home once they leave the hospital.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, March 21, the visit of the Provincial Minister of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Central America, Panama and Haiti) Fray Luis Enrique Saldaña Guerra OFM, who toured the facilities of the home, spoke with the volunteers and met some of the migrants who are there, Fray Luis Enrique thanked on behalf of the friars and the Order for the dedicated and dedicated service that the volunteers of the network have carried out in Chiriquí from the very beginning and offered words of encouragement and hope to the residents of the home as well as their prayers and accompaniment from the spirituality that identifies us: That of Francis of Assisi, protector of the poor and the needy.

Vivian Cianca