Holy Family Refugee Center

The Franciscan Conventual Fraternity (FCF) operates at Holy Family Refugee Center.  It is a symbolic place, formed and inspired by St. Francis of Assisi to create and embrace every person, and forming a universal fraternity for everyone who enters our doors.  It is a safe place for refugees who receive a place to rest after a long journey as they cross the border leaving behind persecution, family, poverty, natural disasters, life threats and violence.  FCF provides them the first light of hope.  They are welcomed by volunteers from different parts of the city.  We are their hope.  Hope for a new life and a new future.

What we do

At FCF, refugees are provided humanitarian assistance.  They receive a place to sleep, toiletries, meals, a set of clean clothes, and transportation to the airport or bus stations.   

What we offer

  • accommodations
  • showers
  • food
  • medicine
  • personal hygiene
  • clothing
  • prayer service
  • legal assistance

Join us

The shelter welcomes volunteers to help with all aspects of shelter operations. Fr. Jarek can be contacted to assist on different shifts.

For volunteers who want an experience of living and working in the hostel, a place can be applied for through Annunciation House. ⇐ Click to learn more about the process.

Holy Family Refugee Center

El Paso, Texas, USA


Fray Jarek Wysoczanski, OFM Conv.

📧  fcfrefugeecenter@gmail.com