El Salvador FNM Team

The Salvadoran team of the Franciscan Network for Migrants (RFM) is made up religious and lay people who share the Franciscan charism and spirituality and represent different areas of Salvadoran society.

A recently formed team that, guided by the general guidelines of the RFM and Franciscan spirituality, seeks to respond to the dramatic reality of forced migration, deportees and internally displaced persons from El Salvador.


What we do

El Salvador is one of the countries with a high rate of people who decide to leave the country and emigrate to the United States or other countries. They flee extreme poverty, violence, insecurity, lack of employment opportunities, among many other causes, to seek better living conditions, economic stability and thus support their families and improve their quality of life.

The FNM – El Salvador is working to develop actions that help respond to the challenges of migration at the local and regional level, articulating collaborative efforts with other institutions, including social and ecclesial organizations that defend human dignity and promote the defense of migrant human rights.

What we offer

  • Psychosocial – spiritual accompaniment 
  • Advice and accompaniment
  • Training and information

How you can join or collaborate with our cause

  • Design of digital information, content, posters.
  • Psychologically accompanying migrants.
  • Integrating into our team.

San Salvador, El Salvador


Br. Benjamín Puac, OFM

📧  elsalvador@redfranciscana.org