Franciscan Network For Migrants

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020

On behalf of our Steering Committee, I am pleased to present to you the Franciscan Network for Migrants 2020 Annual Report. This first report fills us with joy because it is the result of the efforts of women and men who have set out to serve migrants and have woven a network nourished by the rich Franciscan spiritual values of fraternity and minority. As we incorporate into our life and mission the attitudes of welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees, we give life to the desire for universal brother and sisterhood, and the Kingdom of God becomes present in our midst.

Annual Report 2022

The Franciscan Network for Migrants promotes work based on the values of faith together with sensitivity, justice and law. These foundations are based on our commitment to building a world where all people can live in our common home, regardless of their geographical and social location and with full respect for the fundamental freedoms that characterize the human personality.

The commitment to human rights and the common good has always been our main focus. This report shows us that a restless spirit continues to move the steps of this Network, inspiring us to contribute to the common home and be an encouragement for the migrant who passes through our lives with their resistance and struggle, to allow ourselves to be transformed by those who teach us that it is possible to carry a cross and at the same time, a face full of hope.