MigrARTE Collective

Human mobility is a global phenomenon that is in constant dialogue with today’s society. In the dynamic of creating networks for those on the migratory routes, we present MigrARTE, with the purpose of helping us feel that we are traveling together on the same journey and paint our daily reality with colors.


In the Franciscan Network of support for migrants, we approach the context of human migration from the Latin American experience, opening our hearts to all the people who pass through. Each human being is a particular story of life:  experiences, faces, looks and colors that integrate a great cultural wealth.










The Central American peoples are a mosaic in a diversity of colors and styles that are reflected in the variety of expressions of each region, similar to an embroidered loom with multiple nuances of threads, woven by the hands of artisan women in the squares.

Brush of Colors

Our Vision

Our artistic community is an alternative project that starts from the border and the desert in order to tear down existential walls and build bridges of creativity in which the Franciscan values ​​of justice, peace and respect for Creation are inherent.

Our Mision

As we consider this living reality, the Franciscan Network for Migrants has taken the color brush to design this page called MigrARTE. MigrARTE assumes various conceptual elements and links the Franciscan charism with migration. MigrARTE starts a journey towards hope, in order to share the work done by all our companions on the migratory route who wish to join this initiative, expressing their artistic works, such as: thoughts, poems, reflections, songs, drawing and painting, engravings, caricatures, short stories, legends and narratives.

Personal Inspiration

Collective Project




MigrArte 2020


The RFM-Honduras team began a series of artistic presentations entitled “MigrARTE” with songs, poetry and videos, culminating in a presentation on the occasion of the “International Migrant Day.”

for Migrants

Murals La72

The Migrant Labyrinth

Brother David Buer walks the Migrant Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a centuries-old sacred walk for contemplation and spiritual transformation. It is circle that leads the walker on a winding path towards the center of a circle. On the path towards the center, the walker centers themself and trusts that the path will lead to a discovery, to wisdom, to higher understanding.

The Migrant Labyrinth was designed by Deborah McCullough, a Tucson artist and along with her husband Ed, has been an active leader and participant with the Tucson Samaritans for the past 15+ years. It was exhibited at the 20th Quinquennial of the Order of Secular Franciscans in August, 2022. At each point in the journey, the walker discovers items left by migrants in the deserts of the Southwest United States. These items were lost or abandoned on the journey. As the walker discovers each item, the unknown migrant become known and humanized to the walker. Their life, loves, and personality call the walker to compassion and humility.

A man’s wallet, withered and warped by the sun which I filled with small items. Everything came from the desert where it had been left behind, where someone had to transition from the life of a traveler, a migrant, to a life of living in the shadows and in fear.

Water bottles, left by volunteers.

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