During these difficult times, we find solace and inspiration in life’s simple pleasures. From La 72, amidst the suffering and hardship, joy and companionship grow out of creating and sharing age-old traditions.

Every day dawns, the sun sends its rays to all corners of the planet.

From our theological place: border boundary between Mexico and Guatemala, we find our Migrant Refuge and Sanctuary, La 72,
A place of peace for pilgrims who cross the Southern Border.

In this time of Pandemic, of Covid 19, despite the Isolation

With our migrant community we raise our kites to the wind.

They represent ideals of hope

Accumulated dreams

Memories evoked

And the secrets of life that Brother Wind keeps

All true men and women, we will find in the hopes and dreams of a child
Our struggles and resistance to reach the Infinite.


Br. Gabriel Romero Alamilla, OFM