Advent is a special time full of love, joy and family togetherness. One of the most deeply rooted traditions in the different cultures around the world are Christmas posadas. These posadas are community celebrations that allow us to share happiness and the essence of Christmas with our loved ones and neighbors. In a sign of the times, we also find Jesus in our migrant brothers and sisters as they seek shelter in order to be at peace.

On our website, we are highlighting the importance of organizing Christmas posadas together with the community. These festivities not only give us a space to celebrate, but also allow us to strengthen ties with our neighbors, friends, communities, and other groups, and this generates a sense of belonging.

During the posadas, the streets are filled with music, colors and bright lights. Families gather to sing Christmas carols, relive the story of Mary and Joseph in search of an inn, and heighten their awareness of the displaced people in our history.

Organizing a Christmas posada with the community gives us the opportunity to foster solidarity and a spirit of mutual help. It is a time to come together, overcome borders and celebrate our traditions by sharing generously with those around us. On our website, you will find useful information on how to organize a Christmas posada with your community. From practical advice on planning, awareness about caring for our common home, to creative ideas to make your inn unique and memorable with games. We will also provide you with resources and tools that will help you engage your community and as a Franciscan family unite in this wonderful Christmas tradition during Advent.

We invite you to explore our website and discover how hosting a migrant Christmas posada with your community can create a spirit of unity and love that will last in everyone’s hearts!

Ana Victoria Lopez
RFM Communications

Migrant Posadas | advent 2023