Getting Started

The Franciscan Network for Migrants is dedicated to supporting franciscan organizations that provide humanitarian assistance and direct services to migrants and refugees, educational activities, and/or advocacy on migration and human rights. Included are congregations and local groups (eg parishes, ministries, universities) within the greater franciscan family. 

For those who are looking for ways to be involved, we also want to help you get started.  Check out the Toolkit developed by the Order of Secular Franciscans in the US and the links below. We also invite you to explore all of the resources on this website. 

Here are some ideas for getting started

  • Find a community Join with like-minded people.
  • Read through the OFS’s Toolkit below to understand the context.
  • Volunteer at one of the Network’s shelters or migrant ministries.
  • Support an organization Franciscan ministries and other organizations provide direct services to migrants and refugees.
  • Support immigrants in detention Post bond, be a court watcher. Attorneys can provide pro bono services. Foster an unaccompanied minor.
  • Organize direct service teams Meet immigrants at bus stations with water, food, and warm clothing during the winter months. Connect them to local services. Hold ESL classes. Provide food, housing, mental health referrals, etc. to help with stability and social integration.
  • Stay informed Call your representatives. Current actions to keep families together: End Title 42, unjust deportations, path to citizenship, defund hate.
  • Be an influencer Share updates on social media.


  • For specific ideas from the Network’s US team, click HERE.
  • For ideas from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Justice for Immigrants, click HERE.

  • Coming soon: Links to existing organizations and groups where you can be involved in helping and supporting migrants and refugees.
  • Media and other learning resources: Stay informed with THIS LIST that is being updated in real time. 


Many thanks to the Order of Secular Franciscans in the US for developing and sharing this Toolkit.