Our Organization

General Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

The General Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC), located in the General Curia of the Friars Minor, offers assistance and assistance to the General Minister and the General Definitory, to encourage and coordinate everything that has to do with Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation, in accordance with the General Constitutions, the General Statutes and the decisions of the General Chapters and the Plenary Councils of the Order. (EEpp Art. one)

The imbalance of the economic, social and religious crisis also created the phenomenon of migration. Although humans have always migrated, many nations and many groups have restricted their hospitality and welcome to those who have been forced to leave their homes and families, leaving them without financial assistance or asylum. It is likely that this situation will intensify in the coming years, as climate change expels many of its homelands. How we respond to these sisters and brothers will be one of the great questions of the future, which challenges us to be in solidarity with the disinherited pilgrims of our times.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of a subgroup of the coordinating committee. This committee serves as an “executive committee” that can make important and timely decisions between bi-monthly meetings and when the need arises for a quick response to a critical question or situation.

Sr. Isabel Turcios, FMI

Director "Casa del Migrante "Frontera Digna"

Br. Gabriel Romero, OFM

Director "La72 Hogar-Refugio para Personas Migrantes"

Br. Daniel Rodríguez Blanco, OFM

Director JPIC Office – General Curia

Br. Frank Hartmann, OFM

FNM - Guatemala Team

Br. Ignacio Harding, OFM

Ite Nuntiate Fraternity, FNM - United States

Bety Calixto

Hogar Franciscano Team, FNM - Mexico

Br. Juan Rendón, OFM

FNM - Colombia Team

Lori Winther

Coordinator FNM- Team USA

Coordinating Committee

This group is responsible for planning and decisión-making for the FNM. It meets every two months

Joaquín Garay, OFM

FNM - El Salvador Team, Facilitator

Carolina García, HFIC

FNM - Guatemala Team, Facilitator

Eduardo Mendoza

FNM - Honduras Team, Facilitator

Lori Winther

FNM - USA Team, Facilitator

Rafael Lara

FNM - Panama Team, Facilitator

Fabian Valderrama,OFS

FNM - Colombia Team, Facilitator

Bety Calixto

Hogar Franciscano Team, FNM - Mexico

Alejandra Conde

"La 72" Shelter, FNM - Mexico

Agustín García, OFM

Alguergue y Comedor para Migrantes S.Fco, FNM - Mexico

Samuel Padilla, OFM

FNM - Mexico Team, Facilitador

Katushka Olave

Immaculate Conception Church, FNM - United States

Executive Secretariat

The executive secretariat operationalizes and implements the decisions proposed and approved by the Steering Committee and the Coordination Team

Vianey Martínez

Outreach and accompaniment FNM

Ana Victoria López

Communications FNM

Teams and local facilitator

The local teams are made up of members of the Franciscan family who have committed to work in migration as required by the context in each of the regions: countries of departure and deportation, countries of transit, countries of destination and deportation.

Each local team is coordinated by “facilitator,” a sister or brother of the Franciscan family designated by each local team. If there is no organized local team, the Coordinating Committee will designate the local facilitator.

The mission of the Local Facilitator is to coordinate the Local Team and represent it in the monthly meetings of the Coordination Team. The Coordination Team meetings are held online on the “zoom” platform, since it is necessary for the facilitator to have an internet connection and an online work experience.

In practical terms, the facilitator should:

  • In the monthly meetings, inform the Coordination Team of the progress, challenges, problems that the Local Team has.
  • Communicate in a timely manner to the Local Team the decisions made at the Coordination Team meetings.
  • In terms of communication, the facilitator should be the point of reference for the Local Team, both for the coordination of internal activities, and for activities throughout the network.


As a Franciscan Network for Migrants, we recognize that we do not work in isolation. There are many other organizations and institutions that have been helping migrants in many ways for many years. We do not have the capacity to cover all the needs of defense and the struggle for migrants. With these organizations we want to partner, to collaborate reciprocally. We thank the organizations that have been collaborating since the creation of the Franciscan Network for Migrants: Franziskaner Helfen, Franciscan Missions, Quixote Center, Talentos and General Curia OFM