Our Migrant Shelter aims to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate people who are in forced mobility. This shelter offers comprehensive and complete accompaniment to provide social care in their needs (food, lodging, medical, psychological and legal help) to all migrant families and individuals.

The Santo Hermano Pedro Migrant  Shelter belongs to the Franciscan Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Central America, Panama, and the Foundation of the Holy Cross, in Haiti, whose responsibility falls on the Franciscan fraternity “God with Us,” made up of eight friars.They serve the “God with Us” Parish, located on 1st Avenue, 00-50 Colonia el Mezquital Zone 12, Villa Nueva.

Currently, there is the presence of a formative fraternity, made up of eight students of philosophy, three solemnly professed friars, and a team of 31 volunteers of lay men and women from the sectors of the parish, as well as the Social Ministry, JPIC/FFU, the Franciscan Family and other volunteers from organizations of migrants.

Colonia, el Mezquital, Municipio de Villa Nueva, Guatemala City


Franciscan Friars of The Santo Hermano Pedro Migrant  Shelter

Telephone: +502 24772076

Email:  tresvecespancho82@gmail.com 

Address: 3era.  Street 3-31 Zone 12, Colonia el Mezquital, Villa Nueva Guatemala.