Comedor San Francisco de Asis, Mazatlán, México
Parish-based Shelter (San Francisco de Asis), Operated by Franciscan Friars

The Comedor San Francisco continues to provide food to people. However, since they cannot feed them together in the dining room, they are distributing bags with basic foods: cakes, sandwiches, tuna or sardines, canned goods, cookies, bottled water, cooked eggs, etc. People are not allowed to stay there onsite.

Only in very special cases (families) are people allowed to enter the parish grounds with due precautions. Most migrants are trying to shelter-in-place, but in places scattered throughout the neighborhood. There are volunteers who, when they see them near their homes, give them hot food. Many of the migrants know the territory very well and can locate volunteers who can help with food.

At this time there are no volunteers at the site, only the friars. Many of the volunteers who regularly help are older people and therefore are no longer allowed to help due to the risks of contracting COVID-19. Community members continue to support migrants from their homes by organizing food collections, some of which they take to the shelter to distribute.

The shelter needs to buy more food because the end of the situation is not in sight. They also need funds to buy underwear and other clothing (shorts, socks, T-shirts, etc.)