Sometimes when you hear about migrants, you think the worst, but in reality this is not the case. Today we want to share the greatest and most sacred thing that exists in the world, which is life itself, as a gift from God to the world, to society and the family.

The Frontera Digna shelter, in this time of health crisis, has prioritized guidance, help, and support to the women who come to the shelter pregnant. The desire to have a long-awaited baby, to celebrate with each family, the life and joy of a new being is remarkable and is seen in each arrival of these couples or women who are excited about the arrival of their little one.

The experience that this group of women has had is to be admired and valued, since they have faced endless difficulties in the long road they have to travel, on the one hand, harsh experiences on the train, others in unbearable journeys on foot to reach Piedras Negras. There is also the emotion around knowing that they are one step away from touching the land where they dream of arriving and above all being able to be there with their baby. But this dream is not always a reality, the pandemic has changed everything, so they seek medical attention at the Salvador Chavarría Hospital.

Despite this, the impact that the new baby will have on their lives, their work, their emotions and their feelings is incredibly large. With the arrival of the new baby, both mothers and fathers will find that the world around them has been altered, but that joy overcomes such a situation. They connect with the wonderful experience of being parents and knowing that they have a being in their hands, adorable and wonderful, that is the best gift. That is why when life arrives, despite being in a situation of adverse difficulties, there is the feeling that no obstacle that cannot be overcome, and joy springs up spontaneously.

To all a thousand thanks and blessings for the support and solidarity in these moments, which are somewhat inexplicable in the amazement at the life that is born and the joy of being able to help and share.

Sr. Isabel Turciso, FMI
Casa Frontera Digna