La 72, Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico
Franciscan Shelter, Operated by Franciscan friars

The 72 Home-Shelter for Migrants is under quarantine. There are some people who entered after the quarantine began, but staff require them to remain isolated for 14 days, in the area that once housed unaccompanied minors. These teens are now being housed in the Ayotzinapa room (meeting room). Only 6 people and 2 volunteers have arrived during the quarantine, and all are isolated at the moment.

Before closing the doors, shelter staff alerted people to the new protocols. Many decided to leave and find housing in the city. Approximately 130-140 remained inside. Those who stayed alone go out to their asylum appointments at COMAR. Shelter staff take them to appointments in groups, using shelter pickup.

Given the travel restrictions, volunteers are scarce. Staff remain at the shelter in 24-hour shifts.