El Mezquital, Guatemala City
Parish-based Shelter, Operated by Franciscan friars

Given the restrictions established by the Guatemalan government, there are currently no people housed at the Mezquital refuge. The last people to stay included a family from Honduras and 3 men from San Pedro Sula and Olancho. This was on March 14. The restrictions are for the protection of staff and volunteers. They will evaluate these rules once the restrictions are lifted.

On Monday, April 6, the shelter staff was informed that there was a family from Brazil that needed housing immediately; They were scheduled to be deported to Brazil on Thursday, April 9. The shelter paid for them to stay in a city hotel. Shelter staff believe they will continue to do this with others who need a place to stay.

The shelter’s current need is to help build a fund to support people with hotel accommodation as needed.

Regarding the conditions on COVID-19 in the country, the government reported that for Monday, April 27:

In total, 500 cases were reached (318 men and 182 women).
There are 70 Guatemalans infected abroad: 60 in the United States. United, 6 France, 1 Spain, 1 Mexico, 1 Panama and 1 Dominican Republic
27 new cases are reported. 21 men and 6 women.
Of the 27 cases, 15 are from deportees.
Two deceased are added. A man of 69 and a woman of 67.
The President calls the IGSS to attention because the deaths had been registered on April 15 and 22.
4 more recovered people are added.
This Sunday 492 tests were carried out
46 Guatemalans have died abroad
200 thousand boxes of food delivered were reached.

They continue with a curfew from 6pm to 4am, use of a mandatory mask outside the home.

The team is working on a “Laudato, Si” project that is rethinking work in the line of not migrating and that people seek to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable in their communities.