In Panamá our efforts continue–our articulated work and the actions organized by the RFM team. 

In Panama, the efforts, the collaborations, and the actions managed by the RFM team continue. In recent weeks, various activities have been carried out that strengthen the management of the network’s actions within the Panamanian territory. Among them, the remodeling of the Miraculous Medal Home dining room stands out, including the change of fans, repair of the electrical system, new tables and chairs and the installation of a television in the common area. These upgrades were achieved through the efforts of the volunteer coordination and in union with the institution Casa Esperanza and their allies whom we thank for their good will, availability, and work to make these arrangements that benefit the more than 35 guests and convalescents who remain in the home.

Additionally, the RFM Panama team completed on April 3 its first anniversary, which we celebrated with a Eucharist presided over by the Provincial Minister of the Franciscan Province “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, Fr. Luis Enrique Saldaña OFM, in the company of volunteers, migrants and collaborators of the Miraculous Medal Home. After the celebration, Fr. Luis Enrique shared a moment with the migrants inside the facilities of the home and thanked the RFM team for continuing to bring the good news of the Gospel in the style of Saint Francis of Assisi: from the option for those most in need.

Also, through our work with Red CLAMOR, we have established that the 15th of each month we will celebrate a Migrant Mass, to commemorate those who died in the Gualaca accident on February 15 and as a regular activity to encourage all the members of the CLAMOR Network in their work and solidarity actions to which they provide their service in different parts of the country. In these masses, the Franciscan Network brings together the Vincentian brothers, the San Vicente Migrante group, Justice and Peace of the Diocese, the Daughters of Charity sisters and other ecclesial organizations that accompany the migrant journey.

Lastly, on the borders of Darién and Paso Canoas, our work continues in accompaniment of people on the move who cross through these places, especially in Paso Canoas, where the Sunday lunch service is maintained by the RFM and the San Vicente group. Migrant, benefiting between 100 and 200 people every Sunday. In Darién humanitarian assistance is maintained in conjunction with the Claretian brothers who serve in El Zapallal.

Vivian Cianca