In this event, we welcomed Rosa María Arias, who currently works as Coordinator in the Center of Attention for returned children and adolescents of the ISNA (Salvadoran Institute for the Integral Development of Children and Adolescents). Rosa shared with the team members and other participants on the topic: “Reality of the returned migrant in El Salvador: an evaluative approach.”

She shared statistical data from International Organization for Migration (IOM) regarding returnees in El Salvador, between the dates of 2018 to July of the current year. These data reveal the strongest reasons why Salvadorans decide to migrate, economic factors always at the forefront, family reunification second, and insecurity in third place.

She also shared testimonies of returned Salvadorans as an overview of the causes that motivated these people to leave the country and the situation they experience when they return. This information is critical for developing sustainable reintegration programs.

Rosa María pointed out in her presentation that the IOIM statistics show a fairly small number (less than 10%) of returnees who have been reintegrated through sustainable reintegration programs; the challenge in these cases is precisely this situation, since only some will be able to access the services offered by NGOs and State institutions. It is not possible to standardize the issue of sustainable reintegration and this is what makes the situation complex because the reasons why people decided to migrate are different and varied and on many occasions there are not all the necessary means to be able to help people or because the system is mistrusted.

Sr. Glenda Guevara, HFMJ
RFM – El Salvador Team