The RFM-Panama team continues with its work, dedication, and efforts to be messengers of peace and good in their country and defenders of the dignity of migrants who pass through the isthmus. In recent months, the monthly celebration of the migrant’s mass at the Miraculous Medal Shelter has continued, as well as joint efforts with the CLAMOR Network in Darién and the soup kitchen for migrants on the Paso Canoas border.

On July 11, Fray René Flores and Rafael Lara, animator of the Panama team, attended the fourth working meeting of the CLAMOR Network in Agua Fría, Darién. In this meeting, they reflected on the migratory reality, on how to strengthen the working commissions, and on developing a strategic action plan where the RFM will be present.

Also on Monday, July 17, a meeting was held with the National Migration Service (NMS), the Daughters of Charity Sisters and the OIM at the Medalla Milagrosa home to continue with the projections for the Miraculous Medal home to serve as a reception and refuge site for migrants in a vulnerable health situation for an indefinite period of time. This discussion was triggered by the emergency situation of the crash in February. The CLAMOR Network is currently starting work on the action plan to make this a reality that positively impacts the work in Panama that up to now has been carried out with the support of the state represented in the NMS.

Moreover, the secretary of the RFM Panama team, Vivian Cianca, received recognition by the National Migration Service for her work as liaison coordinator of the team of volunteer psychologists that have provided psychological assistance at the Miraculous Medal home since the February accident, as well as for the migration officials who responded to the incident. Vivian and 8 other psychologists received public recognition from the Panamanian government as part of the team of professionals from the Panamanian Association of Psychologists that continues to provide their services to migrant brothers and sisters who are welcomed into the home.

The Franciscan Network for Migrants in Panama is unstoppable!

Vivian Cianca