June 4, next Thursday, we will begin a series of online interviews “on the way” with members of the Franciscan Network on Migration in collaboration with “la ventana de pazybien.es.” We will address some issues on migration based on the experience and testimony of each guest speaker, who is involved in the protection, defense, and care of migrants in one way or another.

It will be held on the Thursdays of June at the following hours:

  • 12.30 Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
  • 13.30 Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • 14.30 Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay
  • 15.30 Argentina, Uruguay

Remember to bookmark and join us on the Facebook of the Franciscan Network on Migration and also on the YouTube channel of our friends from Paz y Bien.


Do you want to know about the speakers of each Thursday? Here are our guests for this month, “on the way.”