In August we had the pleasure of being part of the “Leadership and Community Development” course given by CIBETEPAL-CELAM. More than 50 laity, religious, priests and bishops from Europe, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and North America participated with the purpose of growing in our leadership to serve our communities.

The course had four modules: The Spirit That Should Encourage Us, Liberating is Serving, Communication and Teamwork, and Community Development. Each module was led by CIBETEPAL professors who work in Argentina. Each of them shared with us their academic knowledge and their own experience serving communities on the outskirts of Argentina. We also participate in life groups, in which we exchange the signs of the times that affect our work of professional, pastoral and personal service.

They gave us the foundation of leadership based on the word of God, this helped us to reflect on how our leadership was walking and they provided us with tools that would help us further develop our leadership as a service.

We emphasize that leadership is a service and is not having power, nor being authoritarian. We must be visionary leaders, who mobilize people for a cause, who strengthen and motivate the team in stressful circumstances, who generate consensus for the community to participate and improve its long-term growth.

This leadership invites us to generate leaders of life, as Jesus testified, who did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for a multitude. Currently Pope Francis with his actions and testimonies sends us a clear message of leadership: “Leading is setting an example, contributing by persevering and motivating”

We are very grateful to the Franciscan Network that gave us this beautiful opportunity for integral growth of justice and peace to discover that we are not alone in our journey as leaders, on the contrary we are part of a quite strengthened collaboration network that develops the common good.

Peace and all good.

Sr. María Guadalupe Vásquez, HFIC
FNM – Mexico

Katushka Olave
Immaculate Conception Parish, Durham

FNM – United States

Sr. María Guadalupe Vásquez, HFIC

Katushka in his Parish