With our vision to create a network of Franciscans and franciscan-hearted people who are working on migration issues, the Franciscan Network on Migration is pleased to announce the launch of our formal membership.

Participation in the Network is open to all of those assist migrants and refugees and who follow the many expressions of Franciscan spirituality. This inclusive effort aims to bring together all Franciscan-hearted-people who are running or serving in projects such as migrant centers and shelters, houses of refuge, parishes, and individual ministries, for mutual support, experiential learning, promotion of best practices and approaches, and coordinated advocacy efforts.  The help provided reflects the reality in each country and region, and includes assistance in sending, transit, and destination/deportation countries. 

Membership is free of charge but requires active participation so that all can benefit. Our members will appear on our member list and on a private google map link with the type of assistance noted, and members will have access to the link in order to communicate with others providing resources. 

Our membership reflects our aim to aim to articulate, protect, train and disseminate the different Franciscan experiences of attention to migrants with the goal of being able to offer holistic accompaniment and to influence the transformation of the structural causes that originate and maintain the lethal human displacement in the region. To sign up as a member of the network, please visit our website contact page HERE to find a link to our short membership form. You can also find more information and just sign up to receive our email bulletin. Find us on social media as well.