“To be a volunteer is an option that makes us free”
(Papa Francisco).

With great joy we share the good news of how we are strengthening the Virtual Migrant House. At the end of March, we provided training to new volunteers who have joined the volunteer service. Our new volunteers are friars of the Custody of the Immaculate Conception of Venezuela and of the Province of Santa Fe of Colombia. This project provides immediate virtual accompaniment to people who are contacted through the “Virtual Migrant House” chat on the RFM website.

The virtual training for the volunteers was provided by our Network Communications committee and they were instructed on the use of the application, both on a computer and on a mobile device. In addition, the new volunteers utilized simulation examples on how to enter the application, how to know when a person is online, the way in which messages appear and other specific actions to maintain management of the platform.

We are grateful to the initiative that the provinces have taken to promote our humanitarian projects. The Network welcomes Br. Harold Camargo, Br. Santiago Ramos, Br. Eddie José, and Br. Omar Pérez.


Ana Victoria López Estrada