Within the framework of our Patron Saint Francis of Assisi’s feast day blessing of the animals, we want to share a moving story that demonstrates the importance of these beings in our lives. In a world of constant movement and change, animals can provide us with love, companionship, and sometimes acts of bravery that leave us speechless.

A few months ago, during their migratory journey, an Ecuadorian family displaced by the difficult economic and political situation in their country was accompanied by their family dog. Together they walked the lands of the Americas on their way to an uncertain future.

The dog, which the family called “Benito,” is an inseparable companion. Despite the difficulties of the trip, Benito always remained by their side, providing them with protection and comfort in times of uncertainty and fear. His loyalty and unconditional love became a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness for all those who witnessed this family with their dog.

On this World Animal Day in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi for his fraternal perspective on creation, let us remember that our furry friends deserve love and respect. No matter their origin or state, they are beings capable of providing joy and company even in the most difficult moments. The story of Benito the migrant dog teaches us that the connection between humans and animals goes beyond cultural and geographical barriers, and can be a source of hope and strength in the midst of so much migratory drama.

Here we leave you the story written by Vivian Cianca, member of RFM-Panamá and Red Clamor. This story is currently offered in Spanish.