Recent Initiatives


Mapping Project

The Franciscan Network for Migrants is composed of shelters and other direct assistance programs belonging to congregations of Franciscan spirituality.

In order to coordinate and provide assistance for those working with migrants and refugees, we began to map out the existing support programs, in order to get a clear idea about who among the Franciscans is doing what along the migration route. For this reason, we been developing an inventory of the work with migrants. This inventory is for the use of Network members only, to facilitate communication and increase service to migrants.


Viacrucis Migrante

The Via crucis Migrante is an initiative created by La 72 to celebrate the Passion of Jesus Christ from the cruel and harsh perspective of migrants who cross through Mexico, from all parts of the world, but specifically from Central America.

This is a social and faith event. Every year, since 2011, La 72 has facilitated this act of faith. We have organized caravans along the roads, walking or climbing up the freight train (the Beast). We have also gone to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, to advocate during the Lenten period and offer our home as an option for comprehensive care for migrants. In 2019, the Via crucis Migrante experience became part of the Franciscan Network for Migrants.


Gathering and Human Rights Training

Our first Gathering and Human Rights Training took place during the first week of September at La 72 Migrant and Refugee Shelter. Twelve brothers and sisters from Honduras, Mexico and the United States came together to 1) Get to know each other and form a community of mutual support and work; 2) Expand our vision of work for migrants; learn from experiences in different regions; 3) Deepen the experience of migrants in southern Mexico; 4) Understand better alliances in the region and how they serve victims; 5) Articulate the Franciscan experience with migrants; 6) Strengthen our network and develop a strong and concrete vision for 2020.